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For hundreds of years, people were mesmerized by the gigantic architecture of Egypt known as pyramids. Lately, we came to know about recent discoveries about these ancient structures. We learned about its astrological and astronomical perspective, its metaphysical aspects, applied mathematics, connection to earth sciences, religious belief and so on. This is a real awe to see these huge geometric elevations with such a precision.
To relate the above statement with truth, I would refer to the recent unveiling of the fact that the pyramid of Giza is eight-sided. We had a different view a few years back. The solar equinox accidentally proved the slight angular bent of the pyramid’s side faces.
Anyways, I am going to present here another hypothesis which few learned researchers started believing about the geometry and its relation with Merkaba.


Merkaba does mean a chariot in Hebrew text. Commonly, it depicts the transition or ascension from the body to the spirit level with the help of divine light.
“Mer” means light, “Ka” relates to the spirit and “Ba” is the body.
The Merkaba is basically a merged geometric structure of two pyramids.
Please refer to the image below:

Merkaba geometry
Merkaba geometry

Definitely, it falls under sacred geometry and it has its own metaphysical aspects.
In the Bible (Ezekiel 1:4-26), it was described as a four-wheeled chariot which was driven by four Cherubims with four wings and four faces. These concepts fall under the school of Jewish mysticism. Ezekiel was taken on this chariot alive. These facts or myths were vastly depicted in Maaseh Merkabah. It also has a relation with ancient alien theory as proposed by many researchers.
Recent advancements on Merkaba finds a definitive relation with our DNA structure. So, in other words, Merkaba can be the geometric model of the building block of modern mankind.
“Chassidic” philosophy says about the intricate relations of Merkaba with the human kind, its ecosystem and this universe and how to go beyond the physical level.

The point: Merkaba relations

Pyramids are a physical form of Merkaba but only the upper section. We have to consider theoretically about the upside down of the structure. It has accurately mimicked the Merkaba described in ancient texts and more or less helps in elevating human consciousness.
Researchers say that when they kept burnt out batteries under a descaled pyramidal structure cloned accurately form the original one, it gained charge for few minutes. Even a blunt-edged razor got back its sharpness.
Meat, vegetables kept under it doesn’t rot. A surge of astral projections is experienced for a person who has this kind of faculty. Lucid dreaming becomes easy while sleeping under pyramids.
There are more to it.
In Indian temple architecture, especially in South India (Dravidian architecture), we see a similar structure though highly ornamented with carvings. It rises from a square base up to a point.


The 3D structure of a “Shri Yantra*” is highly similar to this temples. 
Indian scriptures set a rule for all to visit the temples and sit there in silence for at least 15-20 minutes. This is because the architecture of these temples is made in such a way so as to harness cosmic energies and accumulate under the shrine which is more or less 1/3 of the temple height.
Strikingly similar to the Indian temples, pyramids do have the same philosophy and it has been proved (not in the laboratory as we are still far from doing it) that it affects human consciousness.
Merkaba is a visualization which endows power to humans for elevating their “chakra” level or rather the conscious level to a higher dimension.

Why would such a developed culture, where men were powered with mathematics, Astronomy, agriculture, chemistry, medicines and more shall spend their time, effort on building tombs!!!

The mystery lies in their glyphs and their silent immobile magnificent designs. They codified an unimaginable secret message in this timed structures. We sent spaced probes which cover distances in search of new lives. They built pyramids which traveled through ages with a message hidden in its high precision geometric structures. Ancient Egyptian structures are still traveling in time to find the right stage of civilization that will decipher the code and bring out a truth for which we may still not be ready.

Experiments with Merkaba:

Well, it’s not that easy to spend few days under a real pyramid (after all it is not a resort) but we can possibly do some experiments with a mimic of a pyramid (say for instance: the pyramid of Khufu) and perform few experiments. We have to keep in mind that a typical pyramid is theoretically a Merkaba.

A practice of meditation and active visualization is the major ingredient of this experiments. For the laboratory, we need to have a pyramid made of cardboard or wood (few people have constructed their roofs in the form of a pyramid. The angles and dimensions are given in the image given below (This is a 4 m pyramid cloned structure).

pyramid’s dimension ratio

Conduct a simple mathematics and find out the ratio of the lengths and depths. Angle will remain the same.
Find out a place to install the homemade pyramid and place it above the ground so that if you sit inside it, your height of the sitting posture should be 1/3 of the pyramid height. (Please do remember that the sarcophagus of the king in the king’s chamber is exactly 1/3 the height of the pyramid)
Meditate and visualize the Merkaba (refer to the image given above) inside you as a glowing geometrical construct. Meditate upon the consciousness, which is you. Let it be free flowing.
The results will be felt by you only. Share your experiences with us if you really take heck to conduct this experiment.
Good luck to you all.

*  I shall write a separate article on “Shri Yantra”

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