Welcome, Atman

Welcome to Mysticscape. As a landscape demonstrates all the visible features of a land so does the mysticscape which sees beyond this visible (for few of us an illusory) world and brings forth the unknown reality.

We have so many contradictions in our lives. Some of them are more than paradoxical prototypes. In our daily routine, we face so many shades of emotions driving us practically to nowhere. The same goes with us too and while we stand to face these situations, we end up with questions, some very basic questions for which we find no answers ready.

Mysticscape is an eye which sees the worldly illusions and then for a moment leap over the fence and looks beyond the material playground.

Mysticscape is a voice which speaks for what it sees and feels about those unanswered questions.

Mysticscape is a silence for you to listen.

As you can now understand that this site is not for all. People who are too busy and happy with this world may not find this site worthy, but for those who are trying to look beyond because the present world is failing to satisfy their curious mind, may find this site helpful.

Well, this site may not be able to answer all your queries as we are still moving on. So while moving on this path, some may find a new door opened for them and sometimes we shall be excited to see new lights falling on us from your perceptions.
Stay with us and hover through our scriptures of the mind because you never know where the answer to your most important question lies…

We find our greatest treasure there, where we least expect.

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