We are Divine


Mysticscape is a hidden river current that flows deep down irrespective of the state of its surface. It flows in and through towards the source.

Our worldly affairs delude us of our real nature and serene abode. We all know this fact, it always reverberates in the back of our minds that there is something wrong with this world we deal with and it should not work the way it does. Sometimes we become aware of the “matrix” that pervades this universe in a lapse of a moment. We become aware of the fact that we are prisoners of this fourth dimension called “Time“. The truth is we are not here for that long and most of us, this life is the last chance. So before we die (conceptually), we should strive to know who we are and from where we came into this three-dimensional existence which is otherwise a projected hologram.

We understand that shifting our consciousness from the mundane world to the absolute reality is not as easy and will not happen overnight. So, to rise slowly upwards, we have also discussed topics related to occult abilities, psychic sciences, occult resources, psychology, etc. This will help train our minds to slowly grasp the unseen realms and get accustomed to the path that leads toward the ultimate truth.

Mysticscape strives to dive deep and dig out the truth unknown to us. It seeks the absolute reality that we all are untouched by its ecstasy. It always nudges so that the mystic mind within us rises from its long slumber and opens its eyes to pure consciousness.

We are all divine!