The Story of Angels


Oh Angels, my Angels!

Have you ever felt at some point in your life that you had experienced a magical whiff? This contact which probably appeared as a glimmer while your eyes are closed, or a tingling sensation in some part of your body, changed the course of life and your perspective in a different stream, have you ever felt it as a distinct entity whispering in your inner ears? Did you encounter romantic dreams mellowed with the tune of unconditional love? If your answer to any of these questions, if not all, is a big “YES!!!” then there is a high chance that you have encountered an angel, and it is bestowing you with its divine love. Many calls this occurrence “Midas touch”. 

There are so many testimonials from the beginning of human history about the existence of angels, and how they influenced us and made us better people. They were also viewed as the harbinger of auspicious occurrences. Well, it may sound unjust but let us ponder over the fact why we even need help from some supernatural being. It is only because to face some situations which can override human physicality and we need to empower our resources to handle the circumstances.

About Angels


Most of us often wonder who are these celestial beings called angels. 

Is it a spirit, or some kind of supernatural entity? Does the energy one senses around them come from these spiritual beings?

The clear answer to these queries is yes. No matter what you think of angels as spiritual beings, aides, companions, spirits, or just a mere sensation of some energy present around us. It is all true.

Angels: Origin

The term Angels originated from the Greek word “Angelos” which means messengers. So, by this term, angels are considered to be the messengers of God, or the creator of the universe as the new age populace believes. Angels dwell on a higher frequency or energy level.

They have heightened powers and blessings compared to humans and they can connect us to the higher realms.

Irrespective of what our religion is, may it be Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, or others, angels always provide their helping hands to us. 

But, if you’re eagerly lingering for any substantial evidence of angels, then you have to shelve for the right moment as they appear when we least expect their visit. Angels are imaged as secular entities or celestial creatures, with many atheists and skeptics acknowledging them. Though primarily, they have been associated with religion, they are now globally and majorly accepted.

The clues


Angels are implored and accepted for a plethora of reasons, including their expression of unconditional love and safety along with their spiritual essence. Angels are present in energy states, and mostly they are not physically visible to us but present us with clues to look for them. Few do claim to have a sight. These individuals can be priests, clairvoyants, or admiringly spiritually developed people. Even for a common man, there are examples where one has felt the existence of some special one.

Angels are visible mostly in the form of light and are felt with affectionate sensation. These beings are said to wrap us with their empathetic loving arms in need, soothing us with their warmth. Angels are present here to maintain these vows which bind both of us. Though these are one-sided, unconditional, and endless vows, it penetrates our hearts and infuses us with a sense of satisfaction, courage, love, and empathy. 

About Guardian Angels 

As we have parents, siblings, and grandparents, we have our Guardian Angels. Our guardian angels are a couple of celestial entities who are been designated to us in our previous incarnations. There are a few angels who are on greater heights and are known as archangels. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, etc to name a few. And then there are Seraphims, Cherubims, Thrones, etc.

Our Guardian Angels are here to support us, guide us, and safeguard us. Their objective in our lives is to hold us on the correct route. In trouble, in hope, in need, these guardian angels reach us and equip us with what we require. Whenever we invoke them with our hearts, they reach to us.

Even for our daily mundane troubles where we get muddied between two alternatives, we can request our guardian angels to give us the best possible solution. Scriptures attest to leaning on these entities and contacting them as much as our hearts long.

How do they contact us?

Angel contact

It is believed that angels do contact with us in a very subtle way. We have to know where to look with our peeled inner eyes to glance for nuanced signs. The signs vary from finding a penny while walking or noticing a white feather where it is least expected. Dreams are one of the common ways through which they contact us, music with subliminal lyrics but one of the most used and observed methods is through numbers.

Numbers play a very important role in our lives and angels mostly choose these numbers to communicate with us.

Many of us catch hold of sights may be in wall clocks, on our mobile screens, hoardings, number plates, etc. where we see numbers in pairs or a definite combination, for example, 11:11, 222, 333, 777, 5:55, 12:21, and so on. These are mostly known as angelic numbers. I will write an article with details about these angelic numbers.

All angel numbers and their intentions are a state of communication through which angels convey the universe’s directives to us. Angels are made for us, to lead us to the correct course, steer us, guard us, endow our objectives and keep our trust in God.

Can we identify our Angels?


Well, there is no clear roadmap about how to communicate with our guardian angels but there are a few ways prescribed by seers and clairvoyants the help of which, we can feel their presence, and if we try even harder, we can see or hear them as shimmers or voices inside our heads.

Here are a few points you can consider following.

1) Learn their names.

Find a quiet room and close the doors to thwart interruptions. Sit motionlessly, close your eyes, settle your mind, and request your higher mind for the name of your guardian angels. The name will be whispered in your head.

But, if no name arrives, it might be that your guardian angels are asking you to name them. Choose names that make you feel loved and guarded. If thinking of this name or speaking it audibly makes you feel warm and amicable, relaxes you, or brings a smile to your face, rest assured that you’ve come up with a good one. Invoke them with this or these names.

2) Request them to send a sign.

You can request your guardian angels to transmit you a cue either by writing this proposition in your journal, via a better traditional prayer, or by pithily pondering on the vision.

Angels adore sending you signs that can enhance your life as well as straightforward notifications of their loving company. 

After that, keep your physical and inner eye peeled for a sign from your guardian angels.

This could appear as a prophetic dream, an unpredictable romantic or business prospect, an unexplored relationship, etc.

3) Write them a letter with your wish

Begin the letter with the phrase “Dear Guardian Angels,” and then compose about your wish or about a situation that you are unable to handle, a judgment you have to make, or an association that’s upsetting you. Pour your emotions out on the page you hold.

Our guardian angels comprehend everything about us, so they are already cognizant of this situation, but by conveying it to them in your journal, you are utilizing your free will to ask them for assistance.

End your letter by saying, “Guardian Angels, please help me with this in the best way you can.” Then wait and watch for their guidance.

There are more but for now, you can try these methods.

Romancing with angels

angel romance

There are many ballads and lore related to the romantic communion of love between humans and angels. Even in many novels and movies, we noticed this dreamy state of pure romance. But it solely depends on how spiritually evolved an individual is. Spiritual or divine love is one of the most prominent characteristics of angels and they shower us with absolute unconditional love. This is most of the time one-sided. So open your heart and peel your eyes to look for the signs of love that they send to us. Sit still and send back an attitude of gratitude if not the same love they poured on us.

The bottom line

Psychologist often says that our subconscious mind is super strong when compared with our logical mind and it can conjure events that resemble a miracle or magic. There are case histories depicting common people demonstrating incredible powers when under emotional stress. Well, we can make the EQ responsible for this if we are super skeptical. Mystics call it the effect of “Chakras“, the vortex of energies that resides in our psycho-physical anatomy.

Even in the theory of the “Law of attraction” and “Auto Hypnosis”, we generally bypass our logical mind and give direct instruction to our subconscious mind and expect our wishes to be fulfilled by the cosmic powers. It worked for so many people. So, whether it is some celestial being or the power of our subconscious mind, it works in some weird way. These are all different expressions of energies intertwined in this matrix of creation. We should ask ourselves a question. Are we here to debate the way how it works? or we just want our wishes to be fulfilled. The answer to this question varies from person to person and your answer will decide the fate of your wish.

So, good luck with all the fulfillment of your life and your positive wishes.

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