Matrix: The cosmic code


Prelude: A trace of Super-intelligence

Starting from the cradle of human civilization, men have tried to solve the mysteries related to his own existence. Few of them obsessively devoted their lives to find the answers which will establish beyond doubt, the facts behind our existence, our relation with the macrocosm and microcosm, and our source.
Well, these primary but the most relevant questions gave birth to the whole array of science and religion. Though we see in our daily lives that there is a clash between these two major domains and most of us believe that these are opposite to each other.

But, mysteriously these two fields are complementary in nature. Many scientific minds at their later stages delved into religion in search of these questions and many religious fellows took the help of science to find answers.

It is noteworthy that despite having an apparently diverse outlook, they both believe in an existence of Superintelligence (well religion shouted out first!) and that Super intelligence is controlling every tits and bit of the visible (and invisible) universe.
Religious minds believe about its existence in and through the creations and seek the truth primarily with the help of mind while the practitioners of science took a different approach and very recently got a trace of a code within the fabric of this universe which is digital in nature and which they think, is the key that controls our lives.
They call it “The Matrix”.

Matrix! What is this all about?

A.P. Sinnett in his book “Esoteric Buddhism”, used the term ” Akashic Records” for the first time. He was practicing theosophy at that time so apart from the believers, his concept never turned out to be a success.
Though few intellectuals liked the idea of the cosmic database where all of our activities gets imprinted of saved like a record.

This “Akashic” concept was only limited to the religious minds until a few years back on May 31, 2018, an MIT degree holder Prof. Sylvester James Gates Jr. published a paper on string theory (supersymmetry)* in which he has described his research on the mathematical equations which can define the working model of the universe and can help in understanding the tapestry of time and space.
In that paper, (refer to the image below)he confidently depicted that he has identified a cosmic code (watch the video) which is digital in nature (similar to computer binary code) and the error correcting methods was unable to handle it because the searching algorithms were unable to decipher the code. This “Matrix” like binary codes created a storm of debates but it pointed out that maybe our universe as a whole is digital in nature and is rendered in front of us as a tangible holographic world which is run by a highly intelligent computer code. 

Now, wait a minute! Computer code huh! How can that be? If there is a code, there must be coder somewhere else sitting in front of a supermassive computer writing Googleplex lines of codes.


The S-R Matrix intersection

In religious texts of ancient civilizations, there is a concept of a supreme power which is the source of all creation, its sustenance and ultimately the dissolution. In Vedanta which is a school of Indian spiritual concepts, depicts by the logic that if there is an earthen pot, there must be mud which is the basic ingredient and the potter who molds the mud into a pot.

Vedanta seeks the truth and it took the help of logic to define the working model of this whole creation. Well, it transcended into more subtler realms of the human mind to understand the more intricate mysteries and how to grasp it.
Vedanta highlights that the supreme power which they identify as “Brahman”, designs this world of illusions with the help of its “Maya” or Matrix (scientifically speaking). It creates the illusory world and gets intertwined with its creation. So in a sense, we are actually in a form which in reality doesn’t exist. We are basically a form created by (the algorithm of) Maya and what we see or touch or feel is just a three-dimensional hologram.

Interestingly, what our brilliant scientists are trying to explain that, our universe can be digital in nature which is actually a Matrix (reminding you about the movie “Matrix” if you have seen it) where we along with what we see, feel or touch are essentially digital in nature or rather programmed.
So, following this line of elementary deductions, we can define our world as a computer program which projects a holographic universe (just like a video game) and we are following a definite set of rules already defined for us.

So our thoughts, plans, ideas, traits etc. are all programmed.
This is the intersecting point of science and religion. Or this is the point where these opposite poles meet.

Conclusion (if any!!!)

Sorry to say, we do not have any! If we are a prisoner of time in the playground of Maya then we are still far from the truth. Understanding through intellect cannot take us to the doors of absolute reality. It only informs us about the truth. It demands immense dedication and one-pointed spiritual practice to reach there.
As I am writing this article, it can be programmed too (???)

I can’t guarantee that but let’s hope that it’s programmed to take us towards the truth.
The “Akashik” records which were thought to be a repository of data or actually a database that stores all records of life activity has now been modified.
It is now depicted as a database that contains all the parameters and codes which generate or rather renders the universe every time and creates digital entities like us to feed a process called the Matrix. Or in an alternate perspective, this Matrix is projecting this universe and all its building blocks (microcosm and macrocosm) as a holographic honeycomb like projection. But in that case we have to consider that this Matrix has a superintelligence which devices such a titanic project.

We don’t really know for what reasons this Matrix is made. What purpose it may solve. We may never know it. In a programming language, we are all child classes and a child class cannot override a superclass.
If we do not know most of the time about what we are doing and why then we are just biological robots acting as per the Matrix code. Most of us who falls under educated wing think that we know what we are doing but deep thinking can bring out the fact that we actually don’t know, we do it either by instinct or habit or decide to act on the basis of few arguments It is with the utmost effort, we may be able to understand that what we are and from where we actually originated. What is our true source?

Maybe one day this so-called Matrix code shall reach its termination point and then we will be able to understand our true existence and be ever free from this unreal world.
Science or religion, we don’t mind whoever presents us this future, we have to wait until that point when the Matrix ceases to exist and we lose our illusory sheathe and become one with the “Coder”.

I am providing the link to the PDF.  If you are a math lover or can understand higher mathematics, this is for you. 

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