The Psychic Phenomenon Demystified

The psychic phenomenon has a long and intriguing history, with traces dating back to ancient civilizations. These phenomena, such as clairvoyance telekinesis, telepathy, and precognition, have often been shrouded in skepticism and misconceptions. However, they continue to captivate and intrigue individuals across the globe. A brief history of psychic phenomena Psychic phenomena have been documented…

Moksha: In the light of mathematics

The beginning Before we delve into the concept of “Moksha” and its logical deductions of mathematics, let us first consider figure 1 as our reference and quickly jot down some properties of the given diagram. “MoM” is the X-axis. We will later consider it as the material plane.“SoS” is the Y-axis. We will assume it…

Kalachakra – The wheel of time

Prologue: “Kalachakra – The wheel of Time” as the name suggests essentially denotes that time is cyclical. But is it cyclical or it is linear simultaneously?  Time has solely claimed its unshakable place in every sphere of our lives. It is the only reference point in all our plans and discussions and even our journey…

Matrix: The cosmic code

Prelude: A trace of Super-intelligence Starting from the cradle of human civilization, men have tried to solve the mysteries related to his own existence. Few of them obsessively devoted their lives to find the answers which will establish beyond doubt, the facts behind our existence, our relation with the macrocosm and microcosm, and our source….

Pyramids: The upper Merkaba

For hundreds of years, people were mesmerized by the gigantic architecture of Egypt known as the pyramids. Lately, we came to know about recent discoveries about these ancient structures. We learned about its astrological and astronomical perspective, its metaphysical aspects, applied mathematics, connection to earth sciences, religious belief, and so on. This is a real awe to see these huge geometric elevations with such precision.