The Invisible Threads

The Impact:

The day suddenly tainted for Robin. It’s like somebody has stolen the colors of his life and all the surrounding has morphed into a dull grimy necropolis. The chirping of birds doesn’t sound sweet anymore to him. The taste of life has abruptly become bitter. A deep sense of despair filled his heart. Now he is totally confused and scattered. His mind is resonating with the words he listened from his fiancé a couple of hours back. A dizzy current is dodging his brain and a pricking pain in his heart.

It was a small party but the invitees are really special for him. He invited his boss and his family, his friends. He also invited his colleagues, some of their relatives and few known faces.

It started on the table. Robin, with a humor, asked Laura, his gorgeous fiancée about her wants and desires; he shall bring those to her feet.

The next scene changed his world and his belief. He, all of a sudden came to know about the conditional nature of all relations even love, a feeling he cherished the most.

Laura, with sarcasm in her tone giggled and pointed out how he is unworthy of getting married to a beautiful maiden like her. With a dismal voice, she murmured about her sacrifice which she is doing by accepting Robin as her husband. She portrayed this decision of her as a suicide for her career and youth. Few listened and propagated like Chinese whispers.

Robin cannot forget the mocking eyes of his colleagues, his associates and of his love tearing his pride and confidence with utter vindictiveness.

He knew about the good fortune, which a person gained who used to be Laura’s ex-boyfriend. But he had poise over the emotional bond between him and Laura. But, may be in this mundane world, material prosperity swayed this emotion to rest on personal gain and follow earthly ambition leaving the love behind.


Robin is losing his control over his thoughts. They have gone haywire bombarding his intellect. He is unable to decide his future take on this situation.

He is feeling exhausted and sleepy. He slowly fell on the bench on which he was sitting for last three hours in a corner of a lonely park.

Robin is sleeping now…

Let him sleep for few moments. Let his tired body and mind take rest for a while before he wakes up to his harsh and spiteful world.

Meanwhile, we shall try to analyze the situation and why it happened to him!

The big “WHY”:

“Why me?”

This is may be the most common question we ask to ourselves or some fictitious person at some point in time!

We forget that the paradigm of this world is set on few basic rules. It is a heuristic process for us to learn about the unstable physicality of this world. It is a misapprehension of what we see and what we expect as a probable outcome. A “myth” that seems to be real so that we start interacting with it similar to our reactions while seeing a movie forgetting for few moments about the falsehood of it.

Robin can be anyone among us. What he is experiencing can be an incident for us at any moment. Then how should we take it? Shall we exhaust ourselves like him and leave us in the hands of destiny or try to understand the innate tapestry of this matrix of the universe.

The whole incident revolves around those invisible threads which everybody has but we don’t hold that; we give it to the hands of others. So that anybody can control our state of mind by their words, behavior or looks.

We are the only one to blame. A movie persuades us to cry or laugh despite knowing the fact that it is a big lie, it is a fantasy which doesn’t have any connection to our absolute reality.

Life is just like a movie which is tangible in nature. A persistent illusion which pervades the whole universe.

We just have to take our threads back into our hands and play our role in this act called life wearing a smile instead of a mask.

The awakening

Robin is still in his slumber but inside his conscience; a streak of light is emerging as a dream. He is waking inside because he is getting acquainted with this deceptive world. He is slowly drawing his threads. He refuses to become a puppet for others and become the master of his disposition irrespective of any situations.

A new beginning

Robin, before falling into sleep was screaming in his mind – “Why me?

He is awake now. The sun is setting for a new beginning. Robin stretches his hands, looks up to the sky. Gives a smile to the high flying birds and says “Why not?