Chakras: The seven layers of consciousness – Part 1

moving towards consciousness
Moving towards consciousness

Chakras: A Prologue:

Ancient thinkers were thoroughly intrigued by the cosmos and tried to understand the realms of it. Despite their repeated attempts, they failed to define and envisage the infinite creation.

The seers of that time with a profound knowledge of life and its surroundings understood by in depth contemplation that this universe; which seems to be eternal is also residing inside us in its miniature form. We can articulate this outside perpetuity by realizing the design embedded within us as the vertebral column and its plexuses. This is known as “Sushumna and chakras”.

We shall discuss the chakras in our current article.

Chakras are psychic centers present within us attached to the spinal cord starting from the coccyx till the fontanel on the top of our brain. Though I am relating the chakra system by taking our body as the reference actually these chakras reside in our astral body; not in our physical body.

These chakras control definite vibrations of energy and psychic state concerning the level of consciousness. Physiologically, these chakras relate to the chemical changes taking place in the endocrine system which directly mixes in our blood stream.

The five elements are distributed among the five chakras starting from the lowest center. The sixth one corresponds to the realization of the consciousness and the final one merges into it. The seeker becomes one with the pure consciousness.

I shall discuss these chakras in nutshell. There will be a “read more” link for those having an inquisitive mind.

1) Muladhara Chakra:

It is the foundation of the chakra system. It is apparently located between the anus and the genitals. Related to pelvic zone, it affects the anal region. The element related to it is earth and its color is yellow. The root syllable has a golden tint and its ruling planet is Mars. Read more…

2) Swadhisthana Chakra

 It is the second chakra situated near the genitals and regulates its function. It is related to water element and its color is pale blue. The root syllable has a golden tint and its ruling planet is Mercury. Read more…

3) Manipura Chakra

This chakra comes third and situated near the solar plexus. It regulates the navel (intestines, pancreas etc.). It is related to the fire element having a color of glowing fire.

The root syllable has a golden tint and its ruling planet is Sun. Read more…

4) Anahata Chakra

This is the fourth chakra. It is associated with heart region. The Wind is the element of this chakra and its color is sky blue. The root syllable is golden in color and its ruling planet is Venus. Read more…

5) Vishuddha Chakra

This is the fifth and the last chakra connected to the earthly realms. It regulates the throat region and related to the element ether. Its color is peacock blue. The root syllable is golden in color and its ruling planet is Jupiter. Read more…

6) Ajna Chakra

It is also known as the third eye chakra and is situated near the pituitary gland. It controls the pineal plexus and associated with the rarified pure essence beyond the five elements. It is camphor white in color and the root syllable is golden in color. The ruling planet is Saturn. It is the seat of pure intellect and on opening this chakra, it bestows extra sensory abilities to the practitioner. Read more…

7) Sahasrara Chakra

 This is the final and the topmost chakra. It is the seat of pure consciousness. A seeker can follow any method but he can only reach the point of “Ajna Chakra”. The path from “Ajna” to “Sahasrara” is undocumented and it depends solely on the seeker own spiritual evolution. It controls nothing as it is beyond the physical sphere. It is ahead of the illusory matrix and is transparent (devoid of colors or impurities). It has infinite dimensions that are why it’s also known as the lotus of thousand petals. Also, he chakras resemble a lotus. It does not have any rules It rules itself. Read more…

Please refer to the “Read more…” links to know more about the chakras. Follow the link to know about chakra healing.

Authors note: To activate the chakras; purification of body and mind is mandatory.

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