The Chakra System – Part 2

Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara Chakra
Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara chakra is the foundation of the chakra system. It is apparently located between the anus and the genitals. Related to coccyx area, it affects the anal region. The element related to it is earth and its color is yellow. The root syllable has a golden tint and its ruling planet is Mars.


Muladhara chakra has been imagined as a lotus with four red colored petals. The shape of the center resembles a dirty yellow square. It has a downward reddish triangle in the center where the Kundalini resides encircling a Shiva linga within a pit. The root syllable related to this chakra is “Lam”.

The Symptoms

Have you ever felt a sudden surge of very gross emotions related to survival or material gain? If you have then it could be the excitement that activated the Muladhara chakra for a while but if these emotions continue and worldly attachments starts becoming your obsession then you should focus on balancing Muladhara by channeling the energy towards social service or visit a calm and quiet place where you can feel least threats and mental chatters that bother you too much.

Our day to day life is inflicting a disease of stress, fatigue, a threat to our physical existence and growing tensions.

For most of us, the Muladhara chakra or root chakra is partially active. We can test it in those situations where gross existence comes under threat. The reflex of the mind that warns us or acts against or for that situation proves the activity of Muladhara. It sparks the survival instinct encircling almost every aspect of earthly life.

It cannot go beyond the gross but an activated Muladhara gives you a firm base and understanding of the materialistic nature. With this knowledge, one can smoothly rise to the next level which is subtle than this chakra.

Facets of Muladhara

Its direct association with the earth element provides its straight relation to the smelling ability.  Odor attributes to the earth element. So if you can identify anything with its smell or can detect odors which are very faint and fairly undetectable then you have an activated Muladhara.

Its ruling planet is Mars. Mars being a warlord in nature induces anger and instability in emotions. It generally stimulates aggression and stubbornness. A person with an activated Muladhara should practice concentration regularly and avoid spicy and non-vegetarian foods. He or she should maintain a normal sleep cycle. They can also go for chakra balancing sessions.

Normal breathing exercises can prove to be beneficial.

Muladhara chakra is also the seat of Kundalini energy. Activating Muladhara is essential for Kundalini yoga.  The serpent power can only be aroused by energizing or triggering root chakra.

Swadhisthana Chakra

Swadhisthana Chakra
Swadhisthana Chakra

It is the second chakra situated near the genitals and regulates its function. It is related to water element and its color is pale blue. The root syllable has a golden tint and its ruling planet is Mercury.


Swadhisthana chakra has been portrayed as a lotus with six vermilion red colored petals. The shape of the center resembles a pale blue crescent. It has probably the seat of the astral body as “Swa” means my and “Adhisthana” means seat. The root syllable related to this chakra is “Vam”.

The Symptoms

The activated Swadhisthana generally spurs out subtle emotions which were hidden for ages. The blocked sentiments, feelings of infatuations or undisclosed sexual desires spring up with this chakra.

Most of us have a partially activated Swadhisthana or sacral chakra. The arousal of sexual desires while seeing an attractive opposite or while watching an adult scene in the movies or even pictures is the sign of working Swadhisthana. The sensation in the sacral region that provokes us for sexual moods is the symptom that the Swadhisthana chakra is getting charged and sending signals to the core for pacification. It ignites the sexual instinct and craves for earthly pleasures.

It would not be fair if we miss the positive aspects of Swadhisthana chakra.

This chakra stimulates the delicate sensations of the existence of our astral body which is closely bound with our physical body.

When we sleep, our astral body floats over our body like a soap bubble which remains attached with the soap. Our dreams originate from our suppressed emotions and this astral body sees the projections.

An activated Swadhisthana loosens up the suppressed emotions and releases it through lucid dreams. It is one of the biggest boons that these chakras provide. Without releasing the blocked emotion, one cannot rise to the next level.

Facets of Swadhisthana

Its unswerving connection with the water element gives it a direct access to the tasting ability.  Taste attributes to the water element. Emotions which are common or subtle in nature, influence the person having an activated Swadhisthana. If you can recognize anything with its taste or can detect it then you have an activated Swadhisthana.

Its ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury’s agility brings on emotional outbursts and immense sexual desire. It usually stimulates lust and greed. A person with an activated Swadhisthana should practice concentration regularly and avoid acquaintances with ill spoken conversations or a tough guy who spit harsh words on the face. They should uphold a standard sleep cycle. They can take the assistance of chakra balancing sessions.

Normal breathing exercises can prove to be beneficial.

Swadhisthana is also the seat of the astral body. Energizing Swadhisthana can give the ability to astral projection or astral travel.

Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra
Manipura Chakra

Manipura chakra comes third and situated near the solar plexus. It regulates the navel (intestines, pancreas etc.). It is related to the fire element having a color of glowing fire.

The root syllable has a golden tint and its ruling planet is Sun.


Manipura chakra has been illustrated as a lotus with ten bright yellow colored petals. It has an upward reddish triangle in the center where the “Agni” or the fire resides encompassing a phallic structure representing Shiva. The root syllable related to this chakra is “Ram”.

The Symptoms

Overheated body with warm palms and feet, reddish glittering eyes, strong voice and bubbling with activities are few of the signs of an energized Manipura chakra. I believe we have seen many with under qualified educational status along with not so fluent speaking abilities. But, they have an intriguing quality to manage work and lead a project more efficiently compared to degree holders. They are more energetic, steal the show with their instant wit and manage a team in a more organized way. This is the person, about whom we are talking about. An activated Manipura is responsible for this quality.

The “Raja guna” or the royal attribute is a marked quality of Manipura. Great emperors, warlords, king makers, socialists, revolutionaries, fighters, sportsmen are spawned from the power and qualities generated by this chakra.

Facets of Manipura

Manipura is related to the sight. It is said in the scriptures allegorically that the eyes are the seats of light evolved from the blazing fire.  Sight attributes to the fire element. So the power of vision depends on the proper functioning of the Manipura chakra. A gorged Manipura shall empower individual’s visual power to an extent where that person can locate an ant hundred meters from him.

Its ruling planet is Sun. Sun being a source or light and heat so it induces hyperactivity, pride, leadership, and foresight. A person with an activated Manipura should practice concentration and breathing exercise regularly to cool down their body and mind. They should also avoid overdoing and overexertion. He or she should maintain a normal sleep cycle. Keeping body cool is a must for an activated Manipura.

Manipura is also the seat of “Vaishwanara” or the fire energy. Activating Manipura shall develop a firm persona and shall infuse ego.  A balance should be maintained while working on chakras.

Anahata Chakra

anahata chakra
Anahata Chakra

Anahata is the fourth chakra. It is associated with heart region. The Wind is the element of this chakra and its color is sky blue. The root syllable is golden in color and its ruling planet is Venus.


Anahata chakra has been portrayed as a lotus with twelve aquamarine colored petals. The shape of its center matches a six pointed star. The downward triangle represents the cosmic energy pouring down and the upward triangle symbolizes the spiritual aspiration. It is a two-dimensional form of the Kabbalistic Merkaba or David’s star.  The root syllable related to this chakra is “Yam”.

The Symptoms

A wonderful feeling of universal love and bubbling thoughts for the good for each and everyone are the effects of an active Anahata Chakra. Anahata is the fulcrum between the matter and the spirit or the lower traits and the higher realms. Starting from root to solar plexus, we are captivated by the material world.

Anahata chakra is the first level; where on reaching we taste the actual feeling of freedom. Freedom from earthly ego, freedom from cravings for worldly objects, liberty from blocked emotions and all negative energies. At this moment, we actually become a true human being with all those attributes which are humane.

The sensations of our astral body first appear on reaching the Anahata. We, for the very first time, realize that we are not this physical body; we are more to this. During meditation, we float in a spotless blue sky with our astral body. This will be the proof that we have reached the Anahata level.

Love and compassion will be the most domination aspect of their character.  Anahata is the stepping stone from where we take our flight towards eternity.

Facets of Anahata

It has a straight relationship with the air element so it controls our speaking ability.  Speech attributes to the wind element. The plain and simple way of communication along with boldness in it is what this chakra gives us.

Its ruling planet is Venus. This planet in its exalted state showers calmness in mind, an uplifting thought, purity of love, compassion for all and attractive personality. It usually kindles queries for spirituality and how that can be used for benefitting others. A person with a turned on Anahata should practice concentration regularly and avoid spicy and non-vegetarian foods. Their sleep cycle shall reduce because their body and mind become more energetic due to the calmness that this chakra bestows.

Normal breathing exercises can prove to be beneficial.

Anahata chakra is also the seat of “Naada” or the primordial sound also known as “OM”. Anahata actually means unstrucked. The primordial sound emerged without a strike.  Activating Anahata is indispensable for spiritual progress. 

Vishuddha Chakra

Visuddha Chakra
Visuddha Chakra

This is the fifth and the last chakra connected to the material realms. It regulates the throat region and related to the element ether. Its color is peacock blue. The root syllable is golden in color and its ruling planet is Jupiter.


Vishuddha chakra has been imagined as a lotus with sixteen purple colored petals. The shape of the center resembles a pale yellow crescent. It is related to the purification of the psyche for spiritual upliftment. The root syllable related to this chakra is “Ham”.

The Symptoms

Though very few in number, there are a handful of people who experience a peculiar form of voices inside their heads. It’s like somebody talking inside our mind. It can also happen when somebody starts hearing distant sounds or even listen to sounds of flapping wings of butterflies. This can be a sign of activated Vishuddha. Eloquence in speech, magnetic oration is also the effects of Vishuddha chakra. Smoothness in communication in the field of literature, politics, spiritualism, poetry is the gifts from Vishuddha. Though we are overwhelmed by the benefits of this chakra, we should also remember that maintaining a purity in every aspect of life is a mandate. Vishuddha works well and keeps on developing if a pure and serene life is maintained. Disrupting this purity may lead to pointless babbling and near crazy mentality, miscommunication, and affinity towards low-level writings. It can also lead to insanity. So these extremes can both point to Vishuddha activation naturally or abnormally. Abnormal arousal of this chakra can lead to degeneration of human life.

Facets of Vishuddha

Its direct association with the ether (Akasha) element empowers the hearing ability.  Sound attributes to the ether element. Hearing the subtle sounds or a command over speech shows the signs of an activated Vishuddha. It also provides poetic abilities and good oration.

Its ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter bestows knowledge and induces saintly qualities. A person with an activated Vishuddha should practice concentration regularly and avoid spicy and non-vegetarian foods. He or she should maintain a healthy lifestyle and purity in thoughts. Normal breathing exercises can prove to be beneficial.

Vishuddha chakra is also the seat of “Vaak” or primordial sound. Activating Vishuddha is essential for Naada Yoga.

Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra
Ajna Chakra

This chakra is also known as the third eye chakra and is situated near the pituitary gland. It controls the pineal plexus and associated with the rarified pure essence beyond the five elements. It is camphor white in color and the root syllable is golden in color. The ruling planet is Saturn. It is the seat of pure intellect and on opening this chakra; it bestows extra sensory abilities to the practitioner.


Ajna chakra has been imagined as a lotus with two camphor white colored petals. The shape of the center resembles a downward isosceles triangle[1]. The root syllable related to this chakra is “Kshang” (pronounce Sham). Sometimes “Om” is also used instead of “Kshang”.

The Symptoms

It is associated with the rarified pure essence beyond the five elements so it has access to the higher psychic abilities like ESP and astral travel or projection.  We all have more or less a faculty of ESPs in some way or other. Many amongst us feel a nudge if our nearest or dearest falls in deep trouble or when we think of somebody very hard, most of the times they come to us. It is very common for mother and child.

Meditation develops these capabilities to a higher extent.

A surge of subtle feelings which turns to be true most of the time is a symbol of activated Ajna chakra.

 Facets of Ajna

Ajna is the seat of pure intellect. In many ancient civilizations, this chakra was depicted as the culmination of human life. In Egyptian mythology, this chakra was shown as the eye of Horus. This actually pointed the pineal gland; which resides inside the reptilian brain below the neo cortex. In Mayan culture, the kings and the high priests drew symbols on their foreheads. In Hindu or more accurately Sanatana religion, we see the idols with a clear third eye (Shiva, Durga etc.). In this modern world, the followers of this rich tradition draw a “bindi” or “tilak” on their foreheads to symbolize the third eye or Ajna chakra.

The opening of this chakra bestows a clear and in-depth view or understanding of this material world. It helps in recognizing the true nature of existence and this visible world and breaks the illusion that covers it. It is the last chakra which is connected to this material world with a very thin thread. The enlightenment or complete understanding of our reality and the sense of ultimate truth (full blooming of this chakra), eventually strips the thread apart and releases the aspirant towards the final goal.

Its ruling planet is Saturn. Saturn being a loner and encourages a life of renunciation; it becomes stable in a meditative state. So a person who leads a controlled and simple life with lesser complexities in mind gradually develops Ajna irrespective of his or her beliefs. Healthy and optimum food intake with a spiritual bent of mind propel the development of this chakra. It generally stimulates the intellect. A person with an activated Ajna should practice concentration regularly and avoid spicy and non-vegetarian foods. Normal breathing exercises can prove to be beneficial.

  [1] Manipura is the last chakra pertaining to the material or gross world. It has an upward isosceles triangle which also represents the aspiration for moving to a greater spiritual level.  Ajna has a downward isosceles triangle which symbolizes the down pour of higher cosmic energies. Anahata has a six pointed star which is actually the merging of the upward and downward pointed triangles. A spiritual aspirant first tastes the spiritual rapture after reaching to Anahata chakra. [Author’s note]

Sahasrara Chakra

Sahasrara Chakra
Sahasrara Chakra

This is the final and the topmost chakra. It is the seat of pure consciousness. A seeker can follow any method but he can only reach the point of “Ajna Chakra”. The path from “Ajna” to “Sahasrara” is undocumented and it depends solely on the seeker own spiritual evolution. It controls nothing as it is beyond the physical sphere. It is ahead of the illusory matrix and is transparent (devoid of colors or impurities). It has infinite dimensions that are why it’s also known as a lotus of thousand petals. Also, the chakras resemble a lotus. It does not have any ruler. It rules itself.


Sahasrara chakra has been imagined as a lotus with thousand white or transparent petals. This is the seat of “Param Shiva” or the “Param Brahman”. The root syllable related to this chakra is “OM”.

The Symptoms

There are no documented symptoms because of it the ultimate state of enlightenment. The Nirvana or Samadhi is its achievable state. Complete liberation is its result. It is beyond the boundaries of human intellects and to document it is ahead of the limitations of any form of language. It is “मौनप्रकाषितं ” [Maunaprakashitam]. Only silence can reveal its identity.

Facets of Sahasrara

It is the seat of pure consciousness as I have already said earlier. The word “Thousand” is used not in a literal sense, it actually denotes infinity. So Sahasrara is a level of an infinite realm. Our limited identity pertaining to this world cease to exist and we unite with the “Brahman” to become eternal and boundless.

The ultimate goal of all religion, yoga, philosophies and spiritual methods meets at Sahasrara knowingly or unknowingly.

There is no specific way to reach this level. Only the grace of that “One” can lead us to that state.

In “Katha Upanishad”, Yama tries to explain to young Nachiketa about the uselessness of reading spiritual books or hearing speeches or orations.

|| नायमात्मा प्रवचनेन लभ्य
न मेधया न वहुनश्रुतेन ||

 Nayam atma pravacanena labhya
Na medhaya na vahuna shrutena

[Katha Upanishad]

  That pure consciousness or “Atma” could not be understood, by lectures and orations. Neither can it be known by intelligence or many learning or hearing.

We cannot light it up by our knowledge or meditations. We cannot even see it or understand it by any other means because it is itself the source of all knowledge and light. Nothing can illuminate it rather it illumines the world.

|| न तत्रो सूर्यो भाति न चान्द्रतरकां
नेमा विड्युतो  भान्ति कुतोयों अग्निः
त्वमेव भान्तं अनुभाति सर्वं
तस्य भासा सर्वमिदं बिभाति ||

Na tatro Suryo bhati na Chandra tarakam
Nema vidyuto bhanti kutoyam agni
Twameva bhantam anubhati sarvam
Tasya bhasa sarvam idam bibhati

[Katha Upanishad]

In Katha Upanishad, Yama says that, in that place, there is neither Sun or moon, atmospheric electricity nor the fire. It itself illumines the world encompassing it and it is the only source of light for all.

From the “Ajna”, it becomes a personal exploration towards infinity. Everybody has to find and follow their own path. This search for the truth is known as “Sadhana” in Indian philosophy. Achieving this level opens the door towards complete liberation.

|| तवमेवः विद्वान अमृतं इह भवति
नान्य पन्था विद्यते अयनाय ||

Twameva vidwan amtritam iha bhavati
Nanya pantha vidyate ayanaya.

[Purusha Suktam, Rigveda]

Only by knowing him we can become immortal. There is no other way.


हरि ॐ

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